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Just what is a documentary photograph?

Like most of you listening to this podcast, I have my own definition of what it is, but I've never delved much deeper than my own ideas and preconceptions. I had a sense of what worked for me and that was enough.

That's a dangerous road, don't you agree?

It's dangerous because it brings with it the risk of having a blinkered vision. Blinkered vision is something we cannot afford as documentary photographers.

In this episode of the podcast, I have the privilege of speaking with Jonathon Keats. Jonathon is a deep thinker, an artist and and philosopher, a photographer too. He writes for Forbes and reached out to me via email after episode 10 of the podcast aired.

In his email, he highlighted a recent Forbes article in which he discusses the work of Bernice Abbott, in particular her photographs illustrating scientific concepts through photography, and wondered whether they were documentary.

A simple question.

But a complicated answer.

Pondering Jonathon's question made me realize that while I have my own definition of documentary photography, it wasn't perhaps deep or nuanced enough. It was time to explore the concept in a conversation. And with whom better than Jonathon himself?

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Have you ever thought about the relationship between the photographer, their work and the viewer? It's a key consideration for documentary photographers. How much should we reveal? How much should we explain? What role should we allow the viewer in the interpretation of the viewer? These are questions David Walsh has considered. The answers have guided his vision and his photographic voice.

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In this episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast, we are joined by David Creedon.

David has been dubbed "Cork's Vermeer" and his work is characterised by a similar use of available light to the Dutch Master painters. In the interview, he talks about photographing abandoned houses in Ireland and inside people's homes in Cuba.

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In episode eight of The Documentary Photographer podcast we welcome Joeri van der Kloet, a Dutch wedding photojournalist.

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Simon Norfolk has been photographing man's preoccupation with war for over a decade. In this episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast he talks about his work, the underlying thinking behind it, how he gains access to sensitive and dangerous areas, his experiences and the need for photographers to infuse their work with a purpose above just producing a photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two instances of language some listeners may find upsetting.

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Irish wedding photographer Darren Purcell tells how he was approached by a charity to photograph in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

We discuss dealing with subjects who have gone through such a trauma, as well as the logistics involved in photographing amidst the ruins of disaster. And Darren talks candidly about what it meant for him personally and for his wedding business.

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The guest for this episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast is Penny Wolin, a US photographer who has had an illustrious career.

Penny is known for her many entertainment industry portraits and her work documenting the life of Jews in the US, including those in her birth state Wyoming. For the last six years, she has been interviewing and photographing US photographers of Jewish ancestry for her Descendants of Light project.

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In this episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast, I get to talk to one of my heroes: Doug Menuez.

Doug is a US photographer who has found the holy grail - being paid advertising rates to photograph documentary images his way. The perfect blend of art and commerce.

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In the third episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast, Roger Overall interviews Carl Weese, an American professional photographer who is completing a 13-year-long project to photograph America's drive-in movie theatres.

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In the second episode of The Documentary Photographer, Roger Overall interviews Pat Flynn, an online income expert who produces the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.

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